Evaporative Cooling is the process in which water cools the air through evaporation. For this to happen spontaneously, without the contribution of external energy, the water must be atomized in the air as very fine water droplets which, having a lower surface tension than the surrounding air, evaporate into the air.

Energy saving: combines adiabatic humidification and evaporative cooling in a single global solution for energy saving within the AHU
Pressure loss management: optiMist guarantees real energy savings, assuring a very low pressure drop at the fans (30 Pa)
Controlled atomization: in order to completely exploit the potential of evaporative cooling and without waste, it is necessary to have
very accurate control of the amount of water atomized, instant by instant. By combining the action of the inverter and the modulation circuits, Optimist can precisely follow temperature and humidity demand
Hygiene: thanks to the materials used, the design of the distribution systems without stagnation points and the automatic washing systems managed by the electronic controller, Optimist is a hygienically safe solution for adiabatic humidification and evaporative cooling within the AHU