SAM is a pressurized or atmospheric-pressure steam distributor, designed to distribute dry steam uniformly and efficiently in ducts or air handling units. SAM stands for Short-Absorption Manifold, meaning a steam distributor with a short absorption distance (even less than 300 mm).

Nozzles are distributed across the entire height of the uprights to deliver steam uniformly and guarantee a very short absorption distance
Energy saving thanks to the insulation of the uprights that minimizes the formation of condensate inside the distributor as well as heat gain in the air
Hygiene: ultimateSAM is made from AISI 304 steel
ultimateSAM is a complete system, featuring valves with electrical actuators for accurate modulation of steam delivery into the AHU/duct
Different configurations of ultimateSAM are available to meet the needs of different .applications, always with high steam flow rates and short absorption distances (even less than 300 mm)
Single upright version comes with insulation and is supplied with a manifold that acts as a condensate separator