Compressed air humidifiers are the ideal humidification solution whenever a compressed air supply is available.
The master slave configuration can be used for:

High capacity applications in rooms or ducts where more than 230 kg/h of humidification is required, and thus more than one mc cabinet. The control signals (probes, external signals, limit probe) are connected to the master only. The master and the slaves generate a humidification/cooling capacity that is proportional to demand and their capacity allowing systems to be developed with a capacity up to 1380 kg/h
Applications in multiple zones, rooms or ducts, each with its own humidity/temperature set point. All the parameters, status information and messages can be viewed and edited from the user interface on the master. Installations in large spaces can be divided into zones, each with their own humidity/temperature probe, using the multizone master slave system
Each cabinet, master and slave, periodically activates a cycle for drying and cleaning the atomizing nozzles. A special cleaning piston inside the nozzle is periodically pressed, by a spring, into the opening of the nozzle, removing any mineral salts and considerably reducing the need for cleaning