Energy International is doing their part to help with the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with the announcement of the MCU 900 Series Medi-Clean Unit.

The MCU 900 is a portable, self-contained (HEPA) filtration system designed to create negative pressure inside any room with a filtration system that delivers a minimum efficiency of 99.99%. The MCU can be used as a clean air re- circulating system in offices, government facilities, isolation rooms in hospitals, clinics, waiting areas, etc.


The MCU 900 has a bottom suction, which generates a sweeping air flow action inside the room by drawing air from the bottom of the unit and discharging it to the outside. This meets the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation as detailed in the presentation.

Both HEPA and pre filter are fully-disposable and generic. The filters can be sourced through a tender with no monopoly. These filters are widely produced by several manufacturers making prices very competitive.

HEPA filter selection proposed by Energy International has many benefits.

  • Design air flow for the HEPA filter is 2000 CFM.  The maximum flow of the MCU 900 is 900 CFM.

  • When the unit is run at full speed at 900 CFM, the HEPA filter is being used at 45 % of its rated capacity. The HEPA filter life will be doubled reducing the time between filter changes. If the unit is run at 500 CFM (the lowest speed), the HEPA filter life is multiplied by four. 
  • The MCU 900 is equipped with an alarm that sounds when the filter is clogged and needs to be replaced.  If a replacement isn’t immediately available, the fan speed can be increased. The fan in the MCU 900, when run at high speed, has available static pressure to deliver 500 CFM with a clogged filter.

The unit comes optionally equipped to accommodate a UVC light.

In order for the UV light  (which requires a wavelength of approximately 253 nm) to operate properly  and to allow enough dosage to break the DNA and not develop O3 ozone, the velocity of the air flow passing through the UV light shall not exceed 2.4 m/s.

The unit we are proposing has and internal section area of .6 x.6 m. The velocity of the air passing through the UV is as follows:

  • 900 CFM maximum capacity is 1450 m3/HR and velocity is 1.2 m/s, which doubles the effectiveness of the UVC.
  • 500 CFM minimum capacity is 849 m3/ HR  and velocity  is 0.7 m/s which multiplies the effectiveness of the UVC by four.

The MCU 900 meets and exceeds the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is fully in line with WHO recommendations.

The MCU 900 construction allows for the air to fully deploy evenly across the full surface of the HEPA filter before being either recirculated or exhausted to the outside.

In circulation mode the MCU 900 can circulate and filter one Room Volume of 50 m3 in less than 3 minutes removing 99.99 % of the airborne particles.

The MCU 900 offers quiet operation and has been tested at our facility for noise and air flow.

Delivery time is 4-5 days Ex-Work UAE (if the required HEPA filters are available in the local market and at the local suppliers).