Energy International Jordan has been chosen to supply York Chillers and Hitachi VRF units to the construction of the Zarqa City Mall located north of the city of Zarqa, Jordan.

The USD75 million project is a joint Jordanian-Iraqi business venture that is expected to create 300 jobs and will be owned by both Jordanian and Iraqi investors.

The 100,000 square-meter mall is one of the largest in Jordan and will house 120 retails stores, a variety of restaurants, gymnasiums, auditoriums, a play area and gardens.

A large courtyard adjacent to the covered parking structure offers evergreen trees, a topiary garden, cactus ponds, a central dancing fountain, and 80-meter long fountain, continental flowers, an event stage and art sculptures.

Energy International Jordan is working with the project owners who are overseeing the design and construction of the mall.

Energy-efficient York Smart chillers will provide 1,000 tons of cooling to the common areas of the mall while the Hitachi VFR units will provide cooling for the retail shops and restaurants.

Energy International Jordan has been the authorized distributor for York products in the Jordan market since 2012, installing the energy-saving York units at major hotels, hospitals and commercial manufacturers throughout the Jordan market as part of their Energy Solutions program.

Energy International Jordan recently signed an agreement to represent Hitachi air conditioning products in Jordan including the FSNP/FSNS Series VFR units being installed at Zarqa Mall.

“We are honored that the client chose us to supply both York and Hitachi units for the project,” said Fadi Rashid, General Manager, Energy International Jordan. “It’s rare for a client to choose different brands for the same project. It just shows they recognize the quality of York and Hitachi products and respect the judgement of Energy international to deliver the right product for the project.”

The mall is currently under construction and is expected to be open in 2021.