Energy International Corporation is the authorized distributor for several manufacturers who are on the front lines in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their manufacturing facilities have remained open to service customers who require  their expertise and products for hospitals, testing laboratories, triage centers and alternative  care facilities that are currently being constructed to care for those infected by the virus.

All of our supplier/partners are working under safe World Health Organization (WHO)  and Center For Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, practicing social distancing and  adhering to stringent and frequent cleaning requirements.

Twin City Fan & Blower

Twin City Fan & Blower, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, USA, offers one of the most comprehensive lines of fans for commercial and industrial applications in the air movement industry with more than two dozen fan models suitable for hospital applications.

Twin City is considered an essential business and is committed to remaining open and ready for business operating all of their manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. to rapidly respond to the needs of healthcare customers fan orders for COVID-19 projects.

Twin City has also developed a new Model DSI 140x filtered fan. The direct-drive, square, inline centrifugal fan features an extended casing designed to house a 24” x 24” x 11.5” HEPA filter and a pre-filter to provide negative pressure to rooms in overflow hospitals.

Armstrong Fluid Technologies

Armstrong Fluid Technologies, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of plumbing and water system solutions worldwide.

Armstrong products are used in infrastructure projects that are considered essential including the construction and operation of hospitals, district heating and cooling, residential and commercial buildings, transportation facilities, pharmaceutical and food retailers.

Armstrong is working with all participants in their supply network to make sure they have a dependable supply of components and materials.

Powered Aire Inc.

Powered Aire, headquartered in Greenville, PA, USA, offers a wide range of air curtains for commercial and industrial applications including several models suitable for hospital and healthcare use.

Powered Aire air curtains use a patented, high-efficiency plenum design that distributes the air evenly across the width and length of the curtain creating a uniform barrier.

Powered Aire is also the first air curtain manufacturer to offer electrically commutated (EC) motor. Designed specifically for air curtain applications, Powered Aire’s Eco-Motor produces fast start-up times, significant energy savings and expansive variable speed control.


Metal Industries and their brand Metalaire are celebrating 70 years of manufacturing air terminals and other HVAC products for the global market.

Metalaire’s U.S. manufacturing facilities in Bushnell, FL, Marion, NC and a facility in Reynosa, Mexico are supplying products necessary to construct temporary hospitals to be used as COVID-19 treatment centers.

Metalaire’s TH 500 air terminal is the most widely-used air terminal unit in the industry and they also produce a complete line of louvers, grilles and diffusers.