Project: New Doha International Airport Mosque
Location: Doha, Qatar
Products: Custom Trench Drains

Energy International has been a major supplier to the construction of the New Doha International Airport (NDIA) scheduled for completion in 2015, providing the project with drains, water heaters, filtration units, valves, ventilators, industrial fans, air terminals and air curtains. EIC also supplied a system of smoke curtains for the world’s largest air hangar being constructed at the site. At the south end of the new terminal sits a dome-shaped mosque, 47 meters in diameter and resembling a glimmering drop of water, complimenting the water-themed design of the airport complex. Energy International was called on to supply and install a custom-designed trench drain the runs the entire circumference of the mosque. Each section of the drain is constructed of 316-L stainless steel and topped with a custom-designed and manufactured frame and grate made of brass and finished in statuary dark bronze to match the door and window trim on the mosque.