Project: Riyadh Metro
Location: Riyadh, KSA
Products: Air curtains

The Riyadh Metro is a major public transportation project currently nearing completion in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s capital city.

The rail system consists of six lines covered a total length of 175 kilometers running above ground, at ground level and underground through portions of the downtown area.

The 85 stations provide a connection to 80 bus lines covering 1,900 km providing passengers with a mass transit system connecting them to every area of the city.

Energy international Controls has been active in the construction of the metro rail system.

Energy sourced stainless-steel exhaust systems, from U.S. manufacturer Jeremias, that were installed on underground generators used for supplemental electrical energy on several stations.

Energy is also supplying Powered Aire air curtains to the Riyadh Metro project.

Powered Aire, with headquarters in Greenville, PA, USA, is a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel air curtains for commercial and industrial applications.

Powered Aire air curtains utilize a patented plenum design that delivers an even flow of air to provide a very even airflow and quiet operation.

Energy International specified Model CHA and Model ETA to several of the stations along lines 1 and 2.

Powered Aire Model ETA curtains are mounted above doorways to create a barrier of air when the door is open keeping heat out and cool in. They also provide a barrier to keep dust and insects from getting into the building when the door is opened.

Powered Aire Model CHA curtains perform the same function thought they are designed to be recessed into the ceiling above doorways. Powered Aire offers a selection of grills that will complement the building’s interior design.

Powered Aire Model TSD industrial air curtains were installed at the maintenance warehouse located at the East Depot.

The TSD is typically used over dock doors, ground level doors or large openings in an industrial environment. All Powered Aire industrial units are direct drive, which avoids the misalignment of couplers and outboard bearings and eliminates periodic belt replacement.

The large TSD curtains provide a barrier of air keeping the dust and heat outside as train cars are rolled into the maintenance bays for daily cleaning and repair.

Metro Depot facilities can house several trains being worked on simultaneously and run 24/7 to keep the metro running smoothly.