Project: Ma’an Municipality
Location: Ma’an, Jordan
Products: VRF Air Conditioning System

Ma’an Jordan is located 218 kilometres (135 mi) south of Jordan’s capital, Amman and serves as the capital of the Ma’an Governate.

Founded in 1898, it is the second oldest municipality in Jordan with a rich history dating as far back as the 4th century B.C. when it was inhabited by the Nabatean’s, a civilization best known as the builders of the lost city of Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world.

The city of Ma’an with a population of approximately 41,055, serves as the capital of the Ma’an Governate and is an important transport hub situated on the ancient King’s Highway and the more modern Desert Highway.

The Ma’an Municipaility is currently constructing a new Greater Ma’an Municipality building.
The new facility will provide governmental services to the people of the Governate.

Built on a 23,000 square-meter plot in the center of the city, the 5,225 square-meter building features three floors and a roof floor.

The buildings design is inspired by the rich history of the city featuring a façade constructed using the well-known Ma’an stones.

The interior is designed to best suit the needs of those requiring assistance with hallways and corridors laid out to be easily maneuverable for occupants while providing an interior that is easy to maintain.

The project architects have also situated the building on the plot, orienting it in the proper direction to account for the nature of the environment in southern Jordan.

Energy International Jordan is providing Set Free Sigma design Hitachi VRF systems to the construction of the Municipality building.

Energy International Jordan has been representing the Hitachi line of air conditioning products since 2019 and has provided the technology to several projects in the Jordan market.
The Hitachi Set Free Sigma heat pumps can operate in temperatures up to 52C (125.6F) making them ideally suited for cooling large buildings during the extremely hot Jordan summer season, as well as providing heat during the winter months.

The Ma’an Municipality Hitachi system is designed to deliver a cooling capacity of 200 tons utilizing 123 units.

The system consists of outdoor heat pump units that feed cooled or heated liquid to a series of indoor units. The indoor units can be mounted on the walls or installed in the drop ceiling. These units are designed to precisely deliver the correct amount of heating or cooling to each zone.

The lightweight modular system has a smaller footprint than a conventional system. The VRF’s modular configuration and reduced size increases efficiency, extends service life and reduces maintenance costs. The VRF system can also be integrated into the building’s management system to further enhance performance.