Project: Mesaieed Workers Hospital
Location: Mesaieed, Qatar
Products: Industrial Fans, Smoke Extraction Fans, Sand Trap Louvers, Electrostatic Precipitators

The Supreme Council of Health of Qatar (SCH) is funding the construction of three Integrated Health Centers and Workers’ Hospitals in Industrial City, Ras Laffan and Mesaieed. The facilities are part of an expansive health project currently ongoing in the country.

The hospitals, built under the supervision of the Special Engineering Office, are part of the SCH’s plans to create a network of hospitals and health centers to provide integrated services for the many expatriate workers who are part of Qatar’s construction push as they prepare to host the 2022 World Cup.

Hospitals for single workers are among a number of important health projects announced by the SCH. These health centers will offer comprehensive medical services including specialized medicine and emergency services around the clock, part of the SCH’s plans to create a network of hospitals and health centers to provide integrated services for expatriate workers, easing the strain on the country’s other health care facilities.
Each of the three hospitals will have 120 beds (with the possibility of expansion to 217 beds), an integrated health center, a mosque and a central utility plant.

Energy International Corporation was chosen by MEP contractor Mercury MENA /Contraco to provide a number of products to the construction of the hospital at Mesaieed, the first of the three hospitals now under construction with an expected completion date early in 2017.
Ammar Assi, Manager of Energy Electric Controls, EIC’s office in Qatar and his staff worked hard to secure the project.

“We started working on the project in 2014,” said Assi. “We had a lot of competition from all of the major fan manufacturers in the U.S. working through other representatives in Qatar.”

“We were chosen for the project on the quality of our products along with the strength of our technical team including the technical expertise of Alex Itawi in our U.S. office, and our support from our factory, Energy Industrial Co., located in Sharjah, UAE,” added Assi. “With projects of this size, the ability to provide good customer service and expert technical support is just as important as the price of the products.”
Energy Electric Controls is supplying a number of products to the project including industrial fans from PennBarry (USA) and Wolter (Germany), as well as electrostatic precipitators from Purified Air (UK), HEPA filters from Excel Air (USA) and louvers sourced from Energy Industrial Co. Energy is the sole representative for PennBarry, Wolter and Purified Air products in the Middle East.

“Energy International prides itself on being a multi-faceted supplier with the ability to provide many products through an extensive product portfolio that includes industrial ventilation, air and water purification and fire safety systems among many others,” said Assi.

Large industrial fans will be used to provide air for the air handling units and general ventilation throughout the hospital.

“The large axial fans for this project are more than 3 meters (10 feet) tall and too large to ship as complete units,” said Assi. “They will be completed at the plant, fully tested, then disassembled for shipping and reassembled on site.”

Several of the large fans will be equipped with a HEPA filtration system. High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filters are used by many medical facilities to provide purified air to the building. HEPA filters are required to meet standards set up by the United States Department of Energy (DOE). To qualify as HEPA, the filters must remove 99.97 percent of particles that have a size of 0.3 microns.

The HEPA filters were sourced from Excel Air (USA) and will be installed to the fans prior to connecting the units to the building’s ventilation system. HEPA filters are usually installed in a separate casing allowing for easy removal and replacement of the filters.

Energy Industrial Co. is manufacturing louvers for selected fans. The louvers are used to regulate airflow and to prevent sand from entering the ventilation system and getting into the hospital.

The hospital’s kitchen area will be fitted with electrostatic precipitators from Purified Air (UK). Purified Air specializes in commercial kitchen extraction and filtration of odor smoke oil and grease. The Powered Air ESP range is specifically designed for commercial kitchens. The modular units have integral sumps built in to collect smoke, oil and grease particles filtered out of the exhaust. This not only facilitates servicing but eliminates potentially dangerous spillage from the bottom of the units.

The Purified Air ESP units eliminate 98 percent of smoke, oil and grease particles down to sub-micron levels of .01um and are energy efficient designed to use no more than 50W.

Energy Electric Controls/ Energy International worked with Wolter (Germany) to supply fire-rated AXV 1400 axial fans that will be installed in the hospital’s car park to extract harmful exhaust fumes. The Wolter fans are fire rated to 4000C (7520F) for up to 2 hours. In the event of a fire, the fans will operate to direct smoke away from exit areas and remove it from the car park to increase visibility for fire fighters.