Project: Haramain High-Speed Railway – Jeddah Station
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Products: Industrial Fans

The Saudi Railways Organization is currently constructing a 450 kilometer high-speed rail line running between Medinah to the north and Makkah to the south, running through King Abdullah Economic City, the King Abdullah International Airport and Jeddah. The double-track will be electrified and accommodate speeds up to 360 kilometers per hour. Six stations will line the route that is expected to service more than 3 million passengers a year. EIC worked with U.S and European suppliers to source fans for two of the six stations. Each station will utilize 66 eight-foot Isis fans installed in the ceiling above the platform. Isis fans feature a patented, aerodynamically-inspired airfoil design that increases downward velocities to stabilize air movement. When integrated in to the station’s HVAC system, the Isis provides a cost-effective method of cooling by improving air circulation. The complete HVAC system also includes Wolter and Pennbarry fans.