Project: Serum and Solutions Manufacturing Facility
Location: Saraain, Baalbeck, Lebanon
Products: Turnkey Steam Boiler System, PennBarry Fans, Jacir-Gohl Cooling Towers

Energy International – Lebanon utilizes its expansive product portfolio to supply boilers, fans and cooling towers to the construction of the new Serum & Solution manufacturing facility

Serum & Solutions will soon be manufacturing and distributing packaged intravenous (IV) solutions from a new, stat-of-the-art, environmentally-efficient plant that is being built in Saraain, Baalbeck, Lebanon.

IV solutions are prepared in flexible bags with multiple ports in volumes ranging from 50ml to 5,000ml according to international pharmacopeia requirements (USP). The new facility will implement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under ISO 9001 Standards.

The new facility has been designed to allow for local production of almost any type of IV solutions at a quality level that exceeds the International Standards for IV solutions.

Serum & Solutions is also doing its part to promote the local economy and bring new jobs to rural areas of Lebanon. The new facility is in the Bekaa Valley, an important farming region in eastern Lebanon with a growing industrial area.

Energy International & Engineering (EI&E), Energy International’s Beirut, Lebanon office was chosen by the contractor to provide several products to the construction of the new manufacturing plant.

“Mr. Fouad Najdi was hired by Serum & Solutions to Execute the mechanical and electrical work on this project,” said Bechara Saab, Vice President, Energy International & Engineering. “He approached us regarding this project because we have worked together on many projects and he trusts the quality of our products and our technical expertise.”

The Serum & Solutions project is under the guidance of Hassan Koubeissi, Senior Sales Engineer for EI&E, assisted by Engineer Moussa Deeb.

The project scope includes the supply, testing and commissioning of a complete, turn-key, steam boiler system consisting of two Hurst, Scotch Marine, 300HP, Series 300 Steam boilers, piping, fittings, chimney and pressure reducing station.

Hurst Industrial Boilers, headquartered in Coolidge, GA, USA manufactures a complete line of boilers including solid fuel, solid waste, biomass, wood, coal, gas- & oil-fired, steam and hot water boilers.

“The boiler system serves several functions including heating the facility and providing Steam to the autoclaves used as part of the sterilization process in manufacturing IV solutions,” said Saab.

PennBarry of Plano, Texas, was tapped to supply commercial and industrial ventilation fans including Centrex Inliner, Domex rooftop, Dynamo, and AVX axial models.

Eng. Kiffah Abou Nasser Eldin, Sales Engineer for Energy International & Engineering, worked with Koubeissi and the contractor to select the proper fan models based on his product knowledge and the project requirements.

Each of the four models plays an integral role in moving air throughout the building. The Dynamo blowers provide air to the entire system keeping it pressurized. The Centrex Inliners mount inside the duct work to provide pressurized air to all parts of the complex. The Domex rooftop fans remove excess heat and stale air through the roof. The AVX fans serve as part of the building’s safety system, designed to remove smoke in the event of a fire. The fans are fire-rated and will keep working for several hours until the fire can be extinguished.

Jacir-Gohl is supplying the cooling tower system comprised of a pair of model DT, open circuit towers, a DT 2/50 and a DT 36 Z.

France’s Jacir and Germany’s Gohl have combined to offer an extensive product portfolio offering customers the appropriate solutions to meet their individual requirements.

Jacir-Gohl specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative cooling tower technologies, such as the Model DT which fundamentally redesigns the cooling tower as a complete system, perfecting the synchronization of the individual components.

The result is an open-circuit cooling tower that delivers maximal energy efficiency with low current consumption and high system efficiency, reducing energy consumption by as much as 30%. The model DT uses maintenance-free EC fans, features walk in access for maintenance and care, and offers the best hygiene conditions in accordance with VDI standards.

The project is expected to be completed by April 2019.