Designed with an internal ball that has flow paths through it and rotates 90 degrees between PTFE seals to open and close to control flow. Most ball valves have a flow characterization disk which provides an equal percentage flow characteristic.

2-Way and 3-Way Ball Valves

  • Variety of ball sizes and flow coefficients (Cv)
  • Close-off leakage of 3-way bypass much lower at less than 0.1% compared to competitors
  • Double O-ring blow-out proof stem ensures long life and consistent performance

6-Way Ball Valves

  • Reduces complexity in installation, commissioning and cabling, thus lowering costs
  • Minimizes data points and costs since only a single actuator is required
  • 0% leakage prevents hot and chilled water from mixing
  • Built-in pressure compensation function prevents over-pressurization of coil as media temperature increases