Tower Tech is a leading provider of cooling towers both for temporary rental applications and for permanent installations. Tower Tech also sells replacement parts and provides labor services for owners and users of its cooling towers. The Company differentiates itself from competitors with its superior, modular cooling tower design which delivers better cost efficiency, industry lowest life-cycle costs, greater durability and industry leading sustainability. Tower Tech’s cooling towers are easier, faster and less costly to install, significantly reduce owners’ operating costs, offer superior maintenance and safety characteristics, and provide better mechanical reliability and redundancy and longer service life than cooling towers of conventional design.

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Tower Tech Products


TTXL Series Factory Assembled Modular Cooling Towers
  • The TTXL Series forced-draft, counter-flow cooling tower delivers reliable thermal performance in both constant and variable heat load applications
  • Modular design enables easy interconnectability to create virtually any size cooling tower and accommodates future expansion of cooling tower capacity
  • Factory assembled with a pre-engineered certified substructure that reduces infrastructure cost and can be installed in less than an hour
  • Maintenance-friendly; routine maintenance safely performed from ground level
  • Lowest drift rate; combined with the flow-through basin and enclosed tower design, water usage, and chemical treatment cost are significantly reduced
  • Industry-best 15-year limited warranty
TTXR Series Factory Assembled Modular Cooling Towers

The TTXR Series Modular Cooling was designed for increased performance at design conditions, smaller footprint, and reduced fan horsepower. The performance enhancements of the TTXR model are achieved by optimization of the water distribution system through dispersing smaller water droplets for an increased surface area.

  • Available in the same module sizes of the TTXL
  • Modular plug and play interconnectivity to achieve any project size cooling requirements
  • Design quickly accommodates future expansion of capacity
  • Ease of installation and operation
  • Lowest life-cycle cost of any cooling tower



Tower Tech Temporary Installations
  • How dependent is your facility on its cooling tower? If emergency repairs or a natural disaster shuts down your cooling tower today, do you have a plan to replace its cooling capacity? Is production limited as a result of cooling capacity? Have you put off required maintenance? Are new regulations limiting your cooling water system? Tower Tech has sustainable solutions to maximize results and minimize risk
Tower Tech Accessories

Tower Tech offers a full range of accessories and aftermarket equipment to compliment your cooling tower project.

  • Certified Substructure for wind loads up to 200mph and OSHPD pre-approved
  • Control Panel and VFD packages with gateway communication options for BMS integration.
  • Basin Heater packages
  • Water Level Control with standard mechanical float level or option electronic level control
  • Motor Pre-Wiring to junction box, motor protection panel or disconnects



Temporary Cooling Tower Solutions
  • Tower Tech Rentals can increase performance while reducing risk. Even when needs are temporary our Experts provide sustaining solutions to maximize results. Tower Tech pioneered the temporary cooling tower industry in the 1980s and still leads the industry in design innovations
Concrete Cooling Towers
  • Tower Tech has spent years refining the design of its concrete tower and perfecting the application and integration of its patented technology. Tower Tech replacement technology parts and industry-best, highest quality materials provide for better tower performance, easier maintenance, and rectification of any other tower issues. Concrete cooling towers today serve all manner of high-value and mission-critical processes in industry, for power generation, and for human comfort cooling. Contact your Energy International representative for more information on concrete cooling towers