CAREL designs, manufactures and distributes control and humidification solutions for the residential, industrial and commercial segments in the HVAC market. It offers solutions for each application segment to be integrated into individual units, like heat pumps, shelters, rooftop, computer room air conditioners (CRAC), chillers and air treatment systems as well as complex systems such as but not limited to entire systems for shopping centers, supermarkets, museums and data centers.

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Immersed Electrode Humidifiers

Immersed electrode humidifiers apply a voltage to metal electrodes immersed in common drinking water to create an electric current that heats the water (Joule effect) to boiling producing steam.

  • AFS system (Anti Foaming System): detects foam to prevent the release of droplets together with the steam
  • Works on mains water with a conductivity between 75 and 1250 µs/cm – control software automatically adjusts operation according to the characteristics of the water to optimize operating life without maintenance
  • Steam production with continuous modulation from 20% to maximum capacity (10% for models with two cylinders)
  • Built-in conductivity sensor and control software to optimize energy efficiency and maintenance costs, with constant performance throughout cylinder life
  • Automatic water drain after 3 days of inactivity
  • Choice of three controllers
Resistive Steam Humidifier

The new heaterSteam range, exploiting the features of the latest-generation Carel electronic controllers, represents the latest step in the development of heater humidifiers in terms of performance, reliability and versatility.

  • Ultra-resistant titanium or Incoloy® heaters
  • Exceptional performance: ±1% around the relative humidity set point
  • Versatility: the units work with any type of water



Centralized Steam Distributors

SAM is a pressurized or atmospheric-pressure steam distributor, designed to distribute dry steam uniformly and efficiently in ducts or air handling units. SAM stands for Short-Absorption Manifold, meaning a steam distributor with a short absorption distance (even less than 300 mm).

  • Nozzles are distributed across the entire height of the uprights to deliver steam uniformly and guarantee a very short absorption distance
  • Energy saving thanks to the insulation of the uprights that minimizes the formation of condensate inside the distributor as well as heat gain in the air
  • Hygiene: ultimateSAM is made from AISI 304 steel
  • ultimateSAM is a complete system, featuring valves with electrical actuators for accurate modulation of steam delivery into the AHU/duct
  • Different configurations of ultimateSAM are available to meet the needs of different .applications, always with high steam flow rates and short absorption distances (even less than 300 mm)
  • Single upright version comes with insulation and is supplied with a manifold that acts as a condensate separator
Gas Fired Steam Humidifiers

gaSteam gas-fired humidifiers are available in 45, 90 and 180 kg/h models. gaSteam runs on natural gas or LPG and is fitted with a sophisticated built-in electronic controller that can also manage other types of gas by simply setting additional burner calibration parameters.

  • Continuous modulation from 25 to 100% (12.5% for the 180 kg/h model). Precision: ± 2% RH
  • Pre-mix, room-sealed burner with forced ventilation
  • Air/gas control valve with double safety closing
  • Stainless steel boiler and heat exchanger. Pre-heating function for a faster response
  • Supply with mains water, demineralized water or softened water (optional settings)
  • Flame detector closes gas valve in the event of malfunctions
  • Patented AFS antifoam system with corresponding sensor
  • Multi-stage water level sensor. Automatic water drain after 3 days of inactivity
  • Automatic water conductivity control system to avoid corrosion
  • Low NOx emissions



Steam Distribution Systems
  • The CAREL range of accessories for isothermal humidifiers have been especially developed to allow the creation of humidification systems that are complete and suitable for all types of applications
  • The fundamental idea is to guarantee optimum operation of the humidification system by providing the installer, maintenance personnel and user all the auxiliary components that simplify installation, steam distribution, operation and control of the humidifier
  • The new high-efficiency linear steam distributors are the first to feature thermal insulation to reduce condensation in the ducting.
    This innovation brings extremely positive results in terms of energy efficiency: tests have in fact shown a reduction of at least 20% in condensation when compared to standard steam distributors

Adiabatic Humidifiers


Centrifugal Humidifiers

humiDisk is a small yet sturdy humidifier that uses a spinning disk to atomize water and transform it into millions of very small droplets that, blown by a built-in fan, are introduced into the environment, where they evaporate, humidifying and cooling the air.

  • Simplicity: requires just the 230 Vac power supply and the mains water and drain lines; operation is ON/OFF
  • Hygienically safe: very small water tank, just 55 ml; washing procedure at unit start; emptying at the end of the humidification cycle; washing procedure at the beginning of every cycle (with CAREL control panel only)
  • Modularity: 1 or 2 humiDisk65 units can be controlled in parallel using the special control panel, or up to 10 humiDisk10 units using the CAREL humidistat
Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The CAREL solutions developed using the latest ultrasound technology can guarantee numerous benefits in many applications:

  • Energy saving: just 10% of the power consumption of steam humidifiers
  • Reliability: 10,000 hours of uninterrupted operation guaranteed
  • Precision: relative humidity control of ±1% on the set point
  • Absorption efficiency: the droplets, just 1 µm in size, evaporate instantly
  • Easy installation: in the basic configuration, humiSonic is a plug & play solution
  • Maximum hygiene: no water recirculation and periodical washing cycles



Compressed Air Water Atomizers

Compressed air humidifiers are the ideal humidification solution whenever a compressed air supply is available.
The master slave configuration can be used for:

  • High capacity applications in rooms or ducts where more than 230 kg/h of humidification is required, and thus more than one mc cabinet. The control signals (probes, external signals, limit probe) are connected to the master only. The master and the slaves generate a humidification/cooling capacity that is proportional to demand and their capacity allowing systems to be developed with a capacity up to 1380 kg/h
  • Applications in multiple zones, rooms or ducts, each with its own humidity/temperature set point. All the parameters, status information and messages can be viewed and edited from the user interface on the master. Installations in large spaces can be divided into zones, each with their own humidity/temperature probe, using the multizone master slave system
  • Each cabinet, master and slave, periodically activates a cycle for drying and cleaning the atomizing nozzles. A special cleaning piston inside the nozzle is periodically pressed, by a spring, into the opening of the nozzle, removing any mineral salts and considerably reducing the need for cleaning
Pressurized Water Humidifiers

Pressurized water humidifiers exploit the potential energy transferred to the water by a special volumetric pump in the form of high pressure (generally 70 bars), so as to achieve very fine atomization through special nozzles.

  • Very low power consumption: consumes just 4W per l/h capacity, less than 1% of any steam humidifier
  • Summer/winter operation: humidifies the air during winter, cools the air in summer by direct and indirect evaporative cooling
  • Choice of models available: single zone or multizone to best satisfy different requirements
  • High capacity: standard models are available with capacities from 100 to 600 kg/h and custom models up to 5000 kg/h
  • Maximum hygiene: suitable for all applications that require a high level of hygiene
  • Silicon free version available with steel pump for painting applications



Atomizers- Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling is the process in which water cools the air through evaporation. For this to happen spontaneously, without the contribution of external energy, the water must be atomized in the air as very fine water droplets which, having a lower surface tension than the surrounding air, evaporate into the air.

  • Energy saving: combines adiabatic humidification and evaporative cooling in a single global solution for energy saving within the AHU
  • Pressure loss management: optiMist guarantees real energy savings, assuring a very low pressure drop at the fans (30 Pa)
  • Controlled atomization: in order to completely exploit the potential of evaporative cooling and without waste, it is necessary to have
  • very accurate control of the amount of water atomized, instant by instant. By combining the action of the inverter and the modulation circuits, Optimist can precisely follow temperature and humidity demand
  • Hygiene: thanks to the materials used, the design of the distribution systems without stagnation points and the automatic washing systems managed by the electronic controller, Optimist is a hygienically safe solution for adiabatic humidification and evaporative cooling within the AHU